Tanzania Sailing

Tanzania sailing holidaysWe’re thrilled to welcome Blue Peter to the fleet: a 41-foot Sun Fizz Janneau sail boat made in France, with three cabins, sleeping five adults or four adults and two children. The perfect solution for a sea-loving family or two couples determined to enjoy all the freedom of the waves.


Just imagine sailing the magnificent Swahili Coast or around the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba, propelled by the trade winds, without the nuisance of an engine.

You’re free to lap up the sun, take the sea at your own pace and in your own good time, drop anchor in a sheltered bay, or opposite a deserted atoll of purest white sand, dive into the blue waters of the Indian ocean with mask and fins, savour a barbecue of the freshest fish, spellbound by a sumptuous African sunset as you sip a glass of chilled white wine …


Safari Crew Tanzania Sailing promises all of this!

Our skipper, Mauritian-born David Legeant, is a kite-surfing instructor and a veteran mariner of the Indian Ocean, who has sailed from the Comoros to Madagascar, Mozambique to Tanzania.


A different way to experience the sea, much more affordable than the huge luxury catamarans that sail around these parts.

We cater for one-day trips and upwards.


On board everyone gives a hand, steering as the skipper manoeuvres the sails, during mooring and berthing … 

Recommended for those who love the sea, the simple life in touch with nature, snorkelling and kite surfing, with no rules and or timetables. 

Not recommended if you want luxury and conventional hotel type service!