cheetah cubs, Safari Tanzania

Why is Tanzania the best safari Destination?



Authentic nature, high variety and concentration of game in the world’s most famous parks:



The great Serengeti Migration

  • the largest migratory movement wich involves 2.5 million of ungulates



A Wide range of travel options



Combine a safari in Tanzania with a beach stay along the Indian ocean coast and on the islands:



Extend your safari holiday by reaching the summit of Africa 

  • Mount Kilimanjaro 5895 meters above sea level



Tanzania offers endless possibilities in terms of itineraries and activities



The cultural context is fascinating as

  • Tanzania is home to around 80 different ethnic groups of the Bantu, Cushite, Nilote, and Hadza ethno-linguistic families, who live together peacefully



Several flights from abroad 



Politically stable, exceptional safety with very friendly people