Many visitors choose to combine a safari in Tanzania with a beach stay on the islands of  ZanzibarMafia, Pemba or on the mainland coast, at Pangani or Kilwa.

The Tanzanian coast and its islands have beautiful beaches and picturesque landscapes, and are the cradle of the ancient Swahili culture, the fusion of African and Oriental civilizations, clearly seen in the old centre of Stone Town (the capital of Zanzibar) and the ancient emporium towns of Bagamoyo and Kilwa.


We aren’t fans of big holiday villages, fun-factories specially designed to accommodate the droves of package holidaymakers. We prefer accommodation that, regardless of the level of comfort and price, is small, offers a limited number of rooms and without entertainment.

We can’t list all the options here but if you get in touch we’ll find the location and facilities best suited to you.